Welcome to Trim 2 Dim
A Light Dimming System for Shades & Blinds




Trim 2 Dim is a simple, yet innovative, new product that will block those annoying light beams that illuminate through the side gaps of most inside mounted shades and blinds.

This ingenious product was invented by a Window Covering Dealer looking for, and needing, a solution for his customers who desired more light blocking in bedrooms and light sensitive areas of the home.

Unlike most manufacturers aluminum side channel systems, Trim 2 Dim is made from a durable PVC material and it can be applied and installed in minutes. Our product takes half the time to install as most other systems because there are no screws needed. Trim 2 Dim is a lightweight, easy to transport strip that can be cut to size with utility scissors and scored for adjustment to your desired side gap closure width. The Trim 2 Dim Light Dimming System is Installer and End User friendly.

The versatility of this product provides a simple answer and fix to a very common industry issue with most all inside mounted shades and blinds. Compared to aluminum side channels, Trim 2 Dim is an affordable option you will surely want to learn more about!!!

Please review our installation video and contact our office to find out more about how you can become a distributor,
wholesale purchaser, or where to buy Trim 2 Dim at retail.