Product Information

Trim 2 Dim is a simple, easy to install, profit generating light dimming system.

  • Perfect application for those annoying side light halos that leave consumers wanting more light dimming for bedrooms and media rooms
  • Product Construction is made from durable white PVC material that blends well with most neutral trims and head rail colors
  • Simple but durable PVC trim strips that dim out light
  • Easy Peel, stick, snap, score installation
  • Strips come equipped with light dimming brushes that feed into interior angle slots to aid in the blocking of light
  • Versatile and functional. Strips can be applied in a number of ways. Behind the window covering, in front of the window covering or both to create a channel effect. Strips can also be applied to bottom sill
  • Product substantially reduces light intensity when measured by Lux/Light meter in field applications. Test results have shown Lux readings to diminish from an average of 65 down to zero
  • Simple Install saves time as compared to more complex side channels that require more customization and more tools for the installation
  • Profit Earning Potential increased due to market need, proven test results and ease of install
  • Cost per foot/per pair less than other options = More Units Sold = More Profit Dollars
  • Can be sold as an accessory with newly installed products or as a light dimming retro-fit kit for previously installed products