Thanks for inventing such a great product! Your Trim 2 Dim really does the trick whether I’m using it as a back valance for a cordless lift roller shade, or side trim to block the light gap for everything from home theaters to customers who need to sleep in a completely darkened room!
Trim 2 Dim makes it affordable for my customers to enjoy this level of room darkening and my installers love it because it goes up so easily.
One more person loves it… ME because I’m making money adding on money to sales I’ve made, and making sales I wouldn’t have before.
I am happy to recommend your product to others and wish them the same success and more that I have had.
Ever Grateful,

Dene Peachey – Owner
Budget Blinds of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket

Trim2Dim is the perfect solution for eliminating the gaps on skylight shades. For every skylight shade install we do, I have my installer mount Trim2Dim strips on all four sides (on the window-side) of the shade-that way, when the shade is closed, not a drop of sunlight gets through.

Jeff Gottlieb – Owner
Budget Blinds of West Boca

We have sold Trim2Dim at the time of the sale for customers who want increased darkness and to save installs for particularly light-sensitive customers.  Each time it has enhanced the customers experience and helped our bottom line.  I highly recommend Trim2Dim for all customers purchasing blackout shades. SELL IT EVERY TIME!

Tom Kay – Owner
Budget Blinds of E. Fort Lauderdale

I really like the Trim2Dim product.  It is an economical way to give customers more privacy and light control in a room.  It is a snap to trim and install.  Just peel off the tape and apply to the window.  No need to drill it or to use screws.  It’s a great add-on product.  Well designed!
Best regards,

Pat McAdams – Owner
Budget Blinds of Franklin

I want to thank you for inventing this product.  I work nights and prior to being introduced to Trim2Dim, I would always sleep poorly with the light leakage into my room.  Being light sensitive, even with Blackout Honeycomb shades, the light coming into the room from the sides was just too much light! I now sleep well during the day and am well rested for my overnight shifts! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Anthony F. – Homeowner

To Trim2Dim:
After having our first child, we never realized how important blocking out the light in our baby’s room was, until having Trim2Dim installed and gaining an extra 1-2 hours of sleep each day! Best purchase we have made after having a child!

Jim & Heather B. – Homeowner